Project management and committee

The project plan includes this work package for the project management and committee. Its purpose is to ensure that the project meets its objectives within budget and scheduled time. The main tasks of this work package are monitoring the project progress, tracking deliverables and reporting back to the consortium.

In a practical way, project management is divided into two main areas: academic (D.8.1. and D.8.3.) and administrative (D.8.2.) management. Project partners will know this division and who is responsible for each of those from the very beginning of the project. Besides, a Partner Committee will be set up and meet regularly for reviewing the project progress at least each 6 months (D.8.1.).

The project coordinator (ULE) will be responsible for the overall coordination and management of the project with the support of University College “Pavaresia Vlore” (KUPV). Progress reports, costs statements and the final project report will be delivered to consortium partners and the European Commission.

Three main deliverables composes this WP:

  1. Partner Committee work plan 2.
  2.  Financial management.
  3.  Coordination of project activities.


  1. General supervision and coordination of the project.
  2. Chairing in the Partner Committee.
  3. Participating in the Partner Committee.
  4. Controlling the financial matters.
  5. Developing all the requested tasks for a proper management of the project.
  6. Coordinating the whole WP8 (Lead organization P1 and P11).

WP8 Reports:

Documents to download: