Activities of dissemination

The dissemination will start from the very beginning of the project through the website, public seminar and workshop, the international conference in Vlora, the kick-off meeting in León, communications with media and so on. Several activities will be developed with two main objectives:

a) disseminating the project and the establishment of the LLL teacher training system; and

b) exploitation of results and supporting the sustainability of the project increasing the LLL teacher training system through the recognition of the professional, social and economic advantages. The University College “Pavaresia Vlore” (P11) will be in charge of this WP with the support of the University of León (P1) and the rest of the consortium, promoting the dissemination activities and supporting in their organization.

The main dissemination activities are:

  1. The international conference in Vlora at the end of the project.
  2. A publication collecting the main outcomes of the project.
  3. The participation in conferences & events by the consortium presenting and disseminating the project outcomes.
  4.  A project website will be created, maintained and regularly updated with project activities and results of the project.


  1. Organizing the International Conference in Vlora.
  2. Participating at the International Conference in Vlora.
  3. Elaborating the final publication.
  4. Developing the website with the support of external designers.
  5. Promoting the dissemination of the project in conferences & events.
  6. Supporting the organization of the conference, publications and website.
  7. Coordinating the whole WP7 (Lead organization P11).

WP7 Reports:

D.7.1 International Conference

D.7.2. Final Conference proceeding book

Documents to download:

Conference program

Book of abstracts