Evaluation of the project

The University of Durres (P6) will prepare a full review of the quality and effectiveness of project activities in the WP6 supported by the University of León (P1). This review will be organized in two different ways: a process (D.5.1.) and an impact and audit assessment (D.5.2.).

1. An analysis of the methodology, development of activities, quality of the seminars and visits and each activity of each WP through evaluation questionnaires (level of satisfaction and agreement by means of rating scales, comments and opinions about the assessed activity). From the beginning of the project, each WP will be evaluated by all participants and stakeholders. A synthesis reports of all these evaluations will provide a good understanding about how the project progresses. With all these partial reports (linked to WPs), we will elaborate a final report at the end of the project on the quality of the project.

2. External evaluation (impact and audit reports): a second evaluation at the end of the project will focus, on the one hand, on the impact on Albanian universities. For this, report opinions of project members, stakeholders and other external actors will be considered. Although the real impact of this project can only be evaluated some time after the end of the project, this analysis of impact will provide a preliminary and useful view of the impact. This will be done by an external expert. On the second hand, a financial audit of the project will be carried out at the end of the project.


  1. Elaborating the evaluation report.
  2. Provide feedback for the evaluation report.
  3. Reviewing the evaluation report.
  4. Contracting the independent evaluator for elaborating the impact and audit report.
  5. Coordinating the whole WP6 (Lead organization P6).

WP6 Reports:

D.6.1. Evaluation report

D.6.2 Impact Report

Documents to download: