Training of teacher educators

After designing the training courses for teachers and the establishment of LLL Centres in WP2, this working package will focus on the preparation of the academic staff from the Albanian partner universities that will have the role of Teacher Educators, that is, the ones in charge of delivering the training courses for teachers.
This work package supports the preparation of the training of Teacher Educators module with the leadership of UTU that will be based on the content of the designed LLL training courses (D.2.1) so that Teacher Educators acquire the methodologies and competencies needed in order to deliver LLL training courses that will take place in WP4. Specifically, training of Teacher Educators will consider the needs identified in WP1 and will align with the recommendations from the work of the EC Thematic Working Group on ‘Teacher Professional Development’ on the kind of competencies needed by Teacher Educators.


1. Preparing training material for the teacher educators training
2. Selecting teacher educators (academic staff) from each Albanian universities
3. Organising a Training Workshop for Teacher Educators in Durres
4. Cooperating in the organisation of the Training Workshop.
5. Attending and participating in the Training Workshop
6. Designing and implementing the survey for evaluating the Training Workshop
Elaborating a report for the evaluation of the Training Wrokshop
Coordinating the whole WP2 (Lead organisation P1)