WP2. Designing of training courses and creation of LLL Centres

01-03-2018   –     28-02-2019

D.2.1. Designing LLL training courses:     deadline 30-06-2018
Work to do:
1. Selection of Learning Outcomes for teaching training courses.
2. Elaborating a report with the designing of LLL training courses based on the
selection of learning outcomes.

D.2.2. Learning visits to Austria and Finland  deadline: 31/05/2018

Work to do:
1. Organising EU visits
2. Participating in the EU visits
3. Supervising the activities to be developed during the visits

D.2.3. Establishment of LLL Centres in Albanian universities.   deadline  31-10-2018

Work to do:
Establishing a LLL Centre in each Albanian university

D.2.4. Creation of the Albanian Network of LLL Centres for Teacher Training. deadline 28-02-2019

Work to do:
Creating the Albanian Network of LLL Centres for Teacher Training (NCTT)

Work to do:
Coordinating the whole WP2 (Lead organisation P3)