Needs analysis on LLL for teachers.
The objective of this WP is to have an in-depth analysis of the lifelong learning
training needs of teachers from different views: MoES, universities, teachers
associations, schools representatives, etc.
Lead organization: University of Elbasan , February 2018
– Elaborating a report on the needs for a VET system for teachers by MoES.
– Elaborating a report on LLL teacher training needs by each university.
– Inviting interested stakeholders to a seminar on Teacher competences for a comprehensive VET        system: primary and secondary teachers, school leaders, teacher educators, teachers employers, teacher training associations and
networks, among others.
– Sharing different views of LLL teacher training needs.
– Providing information on VET systems for teachers by European universities.
– Presenting results in seminar.
– Participating in seminar.
– Printing all reports.
– Cooperating in the organisation of the seminar in Elbasan.
– Reviewing reports.
– Elaborating a final report on needs analysis on LLL for teachers.
– Coordinating the whole WP1.
WP1 Reports:
D.1.1. Needs analysis universities and educational system
D.1.3. Needs analysis final report
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