Acquire knowledge at the Danube University Krems

Albanian partners of the TEAVET project visited Krems for two days to learn from the Danube University about teacher training in Austria. Unfortunately, due to a strike by an airline, the coordinators from Spain were only able to come to Krems for one day. Nevertheless, we were able to offer the Albanians many insights into various continuing education topics.

Online learning

Gerhard Schwed from the eLearning Center at the Danube University Krems has introduced to our visitors various learning scenarios and services offered by the center at the university. He also discussed the benefits and opportunities of Moodle as a learning support platform. A big thank you goes to Marlene Miglbauer from the Virtual University College of Teacher Education, who took the time to show our visitors digital training opportunities in Austria and to discuss with them how this format could work in Albania.

Try technology independently

At the end of the two days we visited the Future Learning Lab of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna. There, we were able to try out different technologies such as 3D printers, VR glasses, augmented reality, robots and drones and find out what didactical added value they can have in the classroom. This playful approach enabled us to independently learn these technologies.


May 17, 2018 09:13 am

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